"Oh, now I see," I thought when I opened the door. Here she was. As beautiful as they said she was. Even more so, for she was real!

Entranced and slightly relieved, I invited her in. Her features were soft in the light. Her mellow disposition reminded me of a recent bottle of Dolcetto de Alba, slightly floral with maybe a touch of dark chocolate or magic mushrooms. Clearly this was not the let-it-all-hang-out hippie chick I had suspected (for no good reason.) No, this beauty, this Lyn Zyn, had a certain elegance about her. She started to tell me a long subtle story about her journey. About her life in Northern California. Perhaps her grace was just a result of being slightly cold from her journey (she had been waiting by the window for days) for nothing could have prepared me for what would happen next.

I poured the last glass of the bottle, my third, and a family sized portion, and sat down for the final part of the evening; what more could she show me? She took her clothes off. And I could no longer resist her pastoral splendor. It was all I could do to not to pounce on her; drink her all down in one gulp. Cape Cod fireworks were exploding in my loins and mouth. A thirst was raging! I must have her! GULP! GULP! GULP!

And she was gone.

Slightly light-headed, I was as alone as Thelonious Monk played in the background.

I turned out the lights. I considered opening another bottle right there. But no, it was too late. I put another record on. Moved into the corner of the room, hovered above the heater. "Dark star crashes..." And I drank a beer.

Thank you.


I popped one open last night for my pal's 30th bday
Dark ruby red beautiful color, extremely pleasant nose.
1) lean balanced acid
2) high alcohol
3) lean to medium(tight young) tannin
4) full fullbodied sugar(fruit)
5) splendid length(finish)

Now,here's how it tastes:
meaty, gamey, smoky, roasted cooked fruit, cedar, vanilla, mint, eucalyptus, oak,dill, green olive, coconut, pencil lead, gasoline and sauteed asparagus souffle', wild mushroom of Madeira, fresh canabinoids scraped off nubile naked virgins, and, of course, strawberry shortcake.

—p.s. lingenberry.

Not brambly in the slightest. It is not unlike the most praybingingest mucho cano lifeblood of the human spirit and soul

—Corinthian Jimzez The XXXIV