Muccigrosso Vineyards is a family-run endeavor committed to producing small quantities of hand made fine wines designed to satisfy everybody. Since the early 80's when we first planted vines on our Santa Cruz Mountain property, we have studied the winemaking process from vine to glass. Over the years we have learned a great deal about getting results with as little intervention possible. Thanks to a broadening fan base, recent seasonal fortune and a foolhardy sense of adventure, we have become a bonded winery. Here's a thumbnail sketch of the "Board of Directors."

Michael Muccigrosso President. Not surprisingly, "Mick" refused to be profiled for this newsletter thereby leaving to our scribe the unsupervised task of capturing his essence: Mick is one of those surly and tireless curmudgeons who personifies the credo "If you want something done right, do it yourself." "Gimme that damn thing!" Whether it be a bucket of fresh picked pinot, or a bottle that isn't getting opened fast enough, Mick is quick on the draw. Whether he's chasing birds, hunting wild boar, battling inclement weather, pests and infectious diseases, or planting, fertilizing, mowing, pruning, cleaning, his tirelessness in the vineyard and environs' is legendary. On a good day he can be seen tooling around the Santa Cruz Mountain back roads on his Lamborghini (tractor). Spare time? What spare time?

Lynne Muccigrosso President. Lynne didn't want to be profiled either. But that was out of modesty rather than contempt. Lynne purports not to believe that we actually named our first wine "Lyn Zin" after her. "But it's spelled differently" she contends. Right… Muccigrosso Vineyards is a matriarchy, no question. And Lynne is at the top. She is the voice of reason, the gentle and optimistic gauge of progress, our subtly witted vineyard weathervane (try saying that three times fast!). Lynne keeps a close eye on us from her pottery studio where she spends many a fine day throwing and firing

Jacob Kauffman Winemaker.

The Santa Cruz Mountains are a long way from Virginia. Just goes to show that winemaking is about sensibility rather than birth. Hailing from Virginia, via Atlanta, Jake (aka "T2", but that's another story) has been in the "business" since the early nineties. After dabbling in importing, a gig as a sommelier and a stint in Chile where he surfed some swells in his spare time, Jake found his calling in enology. Jake cut his teeth across Bear Creek Road at the hallowed David Bruce Winery, where he rose in the ranks from Cellar Rat to Cellar Master. As an apprentice, he studied the art and mystery of Pinot Noir under the experts. While there is no substitute for experience, fine wine cannot be made without talent. Jake has both. Taste for yourself.

March 2009

It is with great sadness that we report the death of our son, our brother, our great friend, our winemaking inspiration, Jacob Kauffman.

A tireless dreamer of enormous talent, Jake led us year after year to ever greater heights. This was no roller coaster ride, but a steady ascension, an elegant dance with the forces of nature, bureaucracy, industry and family. This learning process orchestrated by Jake was a study in consistency revered by all.

The wines were outstanding from the get-go, but paled in comparison to his loyalty, devotion, strength and sense of humor. We were blessed with his presence and honored to share his dream.

We will carry forward Jake's magic touch, tasting wine and life with his discretion while celebrating his frank and simple good-heartedness.


David Agretelis CEO. "Ag" happened onto the vineyard innocently enough and has spent the last eleven years trying to put a pretty face on the organization. Entrusted with matters technological, bureaucratic and logistical, Ag focuses on mending loose ends. A bona fide lover of wine, food and music making, he does his best to fill in wherever needed and adds sophistication and class to the whole operation.

Countless Others have contributed labor, vision, humor, support and encouragement. Their collected efforts have helped shape our ideology. We thank all.